Leaders in Development and the Development of Leaders

Welcome to LeadAfrika – A Multi-University Initiative in Leadership Development. Our aim is to make a meaningful contribution to leadership development on the continent through an engaging leadership training approach that is African and localized but global and relevant.

Our Focus

LeadAfrika targets its leadership training in serving the public and civil society sectors. Public sector training has an emphasis on the leadership requirements for effective service delivery and during socio-economic development outcomes. In civil society the emphasis is on Economic Development, Good Governance, Women Empowerment and Youth Development.

Philosophy and Approach

Our leadership programmes and projects are contextual, systemic and integrated, rather than discipline related. The programmes and interventions range from personal development to community and institutional leadership capacity building.

Our Team

We have a team of well educated and experienced professionals. We pride ourselves in an established network that enables us to collaborate with professionals with vast experience in all fields.


LeadAfrika has received numerous awards for outstanding Performance and dedication in the development of Leadership Skills in Parliament, in HIV and AIDS Work and Community Development.


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14 Feb, 2022 admin

A Woman’s success starts with the right Attitude by Hope Zigwari

A Woman’s success starts with the right Attitude August is always a special month as we celebrate women’s achievements in South Africa. We must however remember that there is a lot of work that still needs to be done by women in leadership. South Africa is ready for a rare breed of young women who […]

25 Aug, 2016 Hennie Cronje


The Afrika Leadership Development Institute (LeadAfrika) and the A2B Transformation Movement, today called on voters – youths in particular – not to abstain from voting, but to vote for leaders who have the competence to lead the nation responsibly. According to Prof. Matlotleng Matlou from LeadAfrika and A2B’s Vivienne Schultz government has an abundance of […]

2 Aug, 2016 Hennie Cronje

Contemporary African Leadership by Dr Hendrik Cronje

“Youth are a valued possession of the nation. Without them there is no future. Their needs are immense and urgent” Nelson Mandela 1.  Leadership  We define leadership broadly as actions taken to move (preferably without coercion) a person or persons towards a goal. This emphasises that to act as a leader, does not require authority […]

2 Jun, 2016 Hennie Cronje

Africa, south of the Sahara, intra- and intercontinental population movements by Dr Matlotleng P. Matlou

Introduction This essay starts with an overview of migration across Africa, and then increasingly concentrates on Africa south of the Sahara, from ancient times until today. A historical context is necessary to locate the modern era in order to understand where we are today and what possibilities exist for the future. It covers both national […]

14 Mar, 2016 Nancy Mavunga

How to be a successful, unstoppable entrepreneur by Dr Manj Subiah

To be a successful, unstoppable entrepreneur you have adopt certain habits to make you passionate and dedicated to your business. So what are these habits? Let’s take a look! 1: Be a Planner If you want to be successful, you have to plan ahead.   Plan your day in advance: Meetings Phone calls Appointments Assignments Tasks But […]

14 Mar, 2016 Nancy Mavunga

Elections in Africa: Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread, and All Our Problems Are Solved by Dr Matlotleng Matlou

Elections in Africa: Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread, and All Our Problems Are Solved by Matlotleng Matlou, Ph.D. Director, Excelsior Afrika Consulting, Tshwane; Research Fellow, Centre for Africa Studies, University of Free State, Bloemfontein, South Africa Abstract Democracy (rule of the people) originates from Africa: is a statement of fact that many western scholars […]

11 Mar, 2016 Nancy Mavunga


There are many benefits that accompany being an entrepreneur, but you must have the right mindset to succeed in this area. Knowing these tips will help you succeed. 1. Create a Plan Have a business plan before you begin, Regardless if you’re starting a business of your own, or you’re working at home for others, you should have a plan […]

4 Mar, 2016 Nancy Mavunga