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How to be a successful, unstoppable entrepreneur by Dr Manj Subiah

14 Mar , 2016,
Nancy Mavunga
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Profile pic high resTo be a successful, unstoppable entrepreneur you have adopt certain habits to make you passionate and dedicated to your business. So what are these habits? Let’s take a look!
1: Be a Planner
If you want to be successful, you have to plan ahead.


Plan your day in advance:
Phone calls
But along with planning, you have to plan to take care of your most important tasks first.

2: Consider Risks
You may think entrepreneurs take risks, but that’s not always true.
An unstoppable entrepreneur will think over any risks before taking a leap.
So, while they are try new things, they don’t jump into anything without considering the pros and cons.

3: Constant Learners
Unstoppable entrepreneurs never stop learning.
Staying up to date on things in their industry. You have to learn new technology.
NO ONE knows it all, and successful entrepreneurs understand this.

4: Never stop growing
Unstoppable entrepreneurs are always open to new ideas and always looking for new opportunities. If you get stuck in the past, you can’t grow your business, and keep your clients or customers happy.

5: They don’t quit
Unstoppable entrepreneurs aren’t quitters. To be a success, you have to handle success and failure. Handling failure means seeing it as a setback but not quitting.
You can never reach your goals if you give up. Try adopting these tips that help you become an unstoppable successful entrepreneur!!

Live out your business dreams!
Be successful and be unstoppable.


4 Mar , 2016,
Nancy Mavunga
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Profile pic high resThere are many benefits that accompany being an entrepreneur, but you must have the right mindset to succeed in this area. Knowing these tips will help you succeed.
1. Create a Plan
Have a business plan before you begin, Regardless if you’re starting a business of your own, or you’re working at home for others, you should have a plan that will aid you in reaching your goals. What financing will you need to achieve your goals?
2. Create a Schedule
Perhaps one of the best things you can do when self-employed is to create a workday schedule.Do you prefer to work more in the evenings or mornings?
Do you have the opportunity to do either of these?
You may simply be more able to do more during certain hours of the day!
Be sure to stick to the schedule each day.
Reward yourself for achieving your goals.
3. Avoid Distractions
It’s important to avoid checking your email or talking to your friends during working hours.This can be the best way for you not to get distracted. When you work for yourself, you’re sure to find things that you may rather be doing than working, but keep in mind these will not allow you to be paid. Take the time to ensure ways in which you will not procrastinate. You can be successful with a plan in place and the right mindset to help you achieve your goals. Yes, you will need need self-discipline and hard work.

When it comes to being an entrepreneur, you are your own boss, which means that you are in charge of your productivity.Here are more helpful tips and tricks to keep you productive and focused on your goals.
1. Check Your Emails and Voicemails at a Set Time
When it comes down to it, what do you spend most of your day doing? If you are like anyone else, you sit there and constantly refresh your email, check your phone for messages, and update your social media content. Stopping and doing this multiple times an hour stops you from being productive. It turns off your thinking cap. So if you want to remain productive, you should set a time to check your emails, phone, and social media. For instance, you can check it every two hours, and only check it ONCE. Do not keep refreshing. If you missed something, you will catch it on your next two hour check.
2. Make a task list for each day
If you make a task list for each day, working toward an overall goal, you will have something to work toward. You will know how productive you need to be to meet that goal or purpose. This will help motivate you. Reward yourself once you reach those goals.
3. Make a Priority List
You cannot do everything at once. List the things you need to do by their importance. You can also assign an hour to each one. So, for example, if you know you need to organize files and it takes two hours, you can do that from 9:00am to 11:00am and then work on the next thing on your list from 11:00am to 12:00pm and so on.
4. Stay Organized
Do you know how much time you lose during your day searching for the things you need? It is important that you are not wasting your valuable time. Stay organized and keep everything in order so that you spend less time searching through the clutter. If you follow the tips above you can easily stay more productive throughout the day.

Tips for Entrepreneurs! Checks for StartUps
With a tough economic climate starting your own company can be very challenging. Here are some tips for your success.
1. Know Why
Before doing anything, you need to know why you are starting a business. Maybe it’s to be independent or maybe it’s to make a lot of money. Whatever the reason is, make sure you commit to it. This will help keep you motivated, as there are going to be tough times ahead.
2. Acquire a Mentor
Sometimes in order to be successful, you have to learn from someone else. Start by searching for successful businesses in your local area online. Send out an email to the CEO, seeing if you can interview them. Ask them questions about how they started their business. Learning from them can help you make the right decisions,
and steer your company in the right direction.
3. Keep track of your progress
By keeping a daily log of your progress you can review your progress and make smart decisions. This will increase your chances of success!

More Tips for Entrepreneur! How to Make More Sales!
If you’re an entrepreneur sales are critical for you, Knowing how to increase your sales directly impacts on your success.
1. Be interested in serving your clients
You are there to add value and to solve their problems. Doing this with quality and professionalism gets you repeat business. Get out and network so that you have new leads all the time.
2. Identify the Results you want and go after it
Visualize your results and the success you enjoy and look past the work to the result. This is a sure way for you to keep motivated and on track.
3. Create a Plan
Have a sales plan per month and stick to it. Make a list of all the calls you’ll need to make per day in order for you to make target. Create online marketing campaigns. Have your plan written down and in plain sight for you to see.
4. Join a Team
Network with others and brainstorming ideas to get more sales. Look at local communities that are involved in sales and become involved in these.

Tips When Starting a Business for the First Time
If you enjoy being independent, you may want to start your own business. Here are tips In order to enjoy early success :
1. Identify a Target Audience
These are the people that you are trying to sell your products or services to. Once you know your target audience,
you know what type of ads to create to help increase repeat business. This is important for whatever type of company
you are starting, whether it’s a clothing store or restaurant. There are programs you can install on your computer
that help you identify a target audience. Sending out surveys online can help with this because it gives you metrics to analyze, such as customer sex and customer age.
2. Market Appropriately
After identifying who your customers are,
you need to market to them. This is possible through a variety
of marketing forms, but one of the most effective
is with promotional products.
These products have your company name on them.
So when a person uses it out in public,
others can see your name and logo on the product
and get interested in your company.
3. Seek Help From Other Businesses
Sometimes in order to succeed as a new business owner,
you need help from other businesses. Get help from a telephone answering service.

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